Online Business Products You Buy But Don’t Know How to Sell

How do you sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to establishing your own internet business? This is a terrific problem for a lot of people. If you are like them, you are probably finding a circling group of new biz opportunities diving down on you, left, right and center. If you’re confused, I can’t blame you. I found exactly the same thing and I really didn’t know which way to turn. No sooner have you found something that looks interesting, than something else comes up, then something else. You can’t keep your eye on the ball long enough to get anything going.For months and months – if I’m honest, years – I suffered from the same problem. By chance, however, I found, along the way, as it were, that I picked up little bits of information here and there and I began to understand that most of these offers were complete window-dressing. They weren’t selling me anything I could make use of at all. Do you know how I found this out?Let me put things simply. I had been reading up on what sells to people. It was common sense: lose weight; have success with the other sex; make money and so on. All the usual things that make the world go round. Nothing new there. Every package told me the same story. If I bought their package – maybe for $99, or perhaps for $299 – then I too could drive a Porsche or a Ferrari, just like them. They would grin, insincerely, out of their websites with their California suntans and their beach condos to say, ‘you too can be rich like me’.Some simply insult you by telling you that they’re rich and you’re not. That’s really appealing! However, slowly, something dawned upon me. These sites will sell you a package. It’s more of an idea than anything. It isn’t anything you can actually use, however. They aren’t interested in you making money because they don’t want to establish a relationship with you. It’s a matter of take the money and run. In other words, you buy it and then you wonder to yourself how to sell it?I know this may sound basic, but how many of these sites actually give you the training and backup on an ongoing basis to help you take your first, faltering steps into the world of online marketing, provide you with support, give you detailed videos of every step you need to take, give you regular webinars from the best of the best in internet marketing around the world and who let you sell other products that you may have acquired along the way on your site as well? Well, the answer in my experience, is one. I have one or two sites that I have designed that I can add to my site if I want. It’s entirely my business. I build up my client list and I send regular, automatic updates to them and make sales the way I had always thought I would when I bought packages from the other guys; the ones who don’t help you out.